Johan Olofsson made a career of being a rider before his time, and he continues down that line by developing one-of-a-kind shapes for Venture that feed his powder habit. Johan brings invaluable perspective and experience to the Shape Shack program as he explores the far reaches of powsurfing and freeriding.

ID: The Consummate Powsurfer

SHAPER: Johan Olofsson

SIZE: 156

Noboard pioneer and resident shaper Johan Olofsson cooked up every part of the Powder Pig, including the hog-wild graphics. It has no edges and only two inserts—one near the tip and one near the tail—for attaching a rope. The flat “bat tail,” mellow rocker, and 33cm width provide uncanny floatation. A true powsurfer’s dream. Length: 156cm. Waist: 33cm. Small-batch run of 25. (Please note: base colors vary.)


STRAIGHT-LINE ROCKER Venture’s entire line features our proprietary Straight-Line Rocker technology. This special formula follows a linear path underfoot, with mellow rise starting just outside the inserts. Ventures offer the best of both worlds—a playful, surfy ride in soft snow, but plenty of control and edge grip when you need it.