Precision Crafted and Real Mountain Tested

ID: High-octane big mountain

INSPIRATION: Johan Olofsson

SIZES: 159 160 164 165 168 169 173 174

The Odin is the mythic brainchild of Johan Olofsson and Venture’s founder and design engineer, Klemens Branner. The award-winning Odin gets an all-new and lightweight aspen-blend core in 2015, and shallower sidecut to enable better edgehold and more control when turning in less than ideal snow conditions. Have no fear: the Odin still barges through powder like a snowboard possessed, due to our proprietary straight-line rocker profile paired with a buoyant nose and offset stance. (Please note: base colors vary.)


STRAIGHT-LINE ROCKER Venture’s entire line features our proprietary Straight-Line Rocker technology. This special formula follows a linear path underfoot, with mellow rise starting just outside the inserts. Ventures offer the best of both worlds—a playful, surfy ride in soft snow, but plenty of control and edge grip when you need it.