One of the most innovative and talented riders to ever strap-in to a snowboard, Kevin Jones teamed up with Venture during the 2013-14 season to create a signature all-mountain twin. Jones's passions for both powder and freestyle were the driving forces behind this deck’s potent versatility.

ID: All-Terrain Twin

SHAPER: Kevin Jones

SIZES: 160

A directional twin designed to shred it all, the Kevin Jones is built with straight-line rocker and straight-line ability. It's playful when you want it and stout when you need it. A longer nose profile slices through pow but you can still send it switch with ease. Length: 160cm. Waist: 25cm. Small-batch run of 25. Artwork by Abe Gilreath. (Please note: base colors vary.)


STRAIGHT-LINE ROCKER Venture’s entire line features our proprietary Straight-Line Rocker technology. This special formula follows a linear path underfoot, with mellow rise starting just outside the inserts. Ventures offer the best of both worlds—a playful, surfy ride in soft snow, but plenty of control and edge grip when you need it.